Charity Projects 2

The Charity Entrepreneurship (CE) Incubation Program has historically been run in person, which made it challenging to share information with a broader audience. However, this year, in part due to Covid-19, we will run the program online. The program will be split into two online training courses focused on the two broad elements required for successful charity founding:

  • How to make effective decisions, and 
  • How to gather support for your decisions. 


Why this matters: The difference between the best and worst charities in a field can be hundreds of times of impact. Most of these differences come from the numerous decisions made along the way: large ones, like what charity to found; and small ones, like what do with that negative study that was just published.  

Content: Every charity makes a huge number of decisions, from large-scale multi-year plans to small updates based on ongoing measurement and evaluation. The “How to make decisions” course will go through key choices such as idea selection, country selection, and personal fit for charity entrepreneurship. It also covers tools for making better decisions, such as task planning, cost-effectiveness analysis, and problem-solving techniques.

Structure: Each day will involve some reading (~15 minutes), some video content (~60 minutes), a ~30 minute Q and A, and multiple-choice quizzes. For a deeper dive, there will also be additional content that is not required reading for the course.

Availability: This course focuses on the main reason many charities fail to have an impact. As making better decisions is helpful to almost all charity founders (as well as for a wide range of other roles), we have worked to make this program publicly available as an audit program. It will be open over the summer. Subsequently, we will evaluate if it should stay up long term.

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